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Manchester telephone engineer, always ready to provide a prompt, quality service
to business and residential customers alike.

Helping you when no other telecommunication company can.
BT cant help? We can..! Ring for advice, if needed.

Unlike other independent ex BT employees
We are industry qualified telecommunication consultants.

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North West Telephone Engineer Services

We provide the best support for your telecommunications.
Residential or commercial clients? We have the solution.

  • Master telephone sockets moved, replaced
  • Phone wiring faults
  • Telephone wires renewed.
  • Wiring hidden – Our speciality
  • Sockets cut into walls “flush fitted”
  • Broadband diagnostics – Problems resolved
  • Telephone extensions installed & repaired
  • WiFi – Extra WiFi access points – Wireless surveys
  • Data points installed. Pc, laptop, gaming points
  • Full Home & Business telephone re-wires
  • Telephone system faults & programming
  • Noisy, crackly line – Faults Repaired

Manchester Telephone Engineer install broadband routers


When it comes to any telephone works
Call Manchester Telephone Engineer

Telephone line faults
Installing a new telephone network
Broadband testing
Diagnostic testing
Data cabling
Poor WiFi Reception
Manchester Telephone Engineer can do a lot more

Manchester telephone engineer resolve wifi issues


Your Go-to Local Telephone Engineers

Manchester telephone engineer, equipped to deal with telephone line faults, broadband issues,
damaged cables, poor internet connections, issues around master socket relocation,

“crackly” lines, or data network issues with Cat5e/6 cables.
Should you require any help installing any of the above, we are at your service.

Broadband connections can sometimes act up at the worst possible times,
leaving you with a poor connection or none at all,
something we cannot afford to be without in this data-driven age.

Your issue may be a faulty cat5 socket or an entire network
that has not been properly installed for optimum performance.

Give one of our ex BT engineers a call and we will not only identify
the issues on a rapid response basis

Ensuring that your connection is as good as new.
If the WiFi in your house is not connecting as it should,
our Manchester telephone engineer will share extensive knowledge
with you so that you do not face any such issues in future.


07894 080 888



Manchester’s Local Telephone Engineer
Covering All Manchester Postcodes

M1 Manchester, M2 Manchester, M3 Manchester, M4 Manchester, M5 Manchester
M6 Manchester, M7 Manchester, M8 Manchester, M9 Manchester,
M9 Manchester, M10 Manchester, M11 Manchester, M12 Manchester, M13 Manchester,
M14 Manchester, M15 Manchester, M16 Manchester, M17 Manchester, M18 Manchester,
M19 Manchester, M20 Manchester, M21 Manchester, M22 Manchester, M23 Manchester
Manchester telephone engineer covers all Manchester postcodes as shown in this map
M24 Manchester, M25 Manchester, M26 Manchester, M27 Manchester, M28 Manchester
M29 Manchester, M30 Manchester, M31 Manchester, M32 Manchester,
M33 Manchester, M34 Manchester, M35 Manchester, M38 Manchester, M40  Manchester,
M41 Manchester, M43 Manchester, M44 Manchester, M45 Manchester, M46 Manchester,
M50 Manchester, M60 Manchester, M90 Manchester, M99 Manchester.

Ex BT Manchester telephone engineer, an ex BT engineer in Manchester.
Don’t let a small telephone wiring issue affect your broadband and telephone service
Call Mark for a free no obligation quote

Ring us now to enquire about any telephone, broadband, WiFi or data issue.
Advice freely given, call us for any telecom problem.
Communication experts – Ex BT engineers
Whether it’s a residential fault or a complete office installation
Telephone faults, Broadband speed issues, master sockets moved.
Telephone and broadband specialists.


Manchester Telephone Engineer – Keeping you connected


Manchester telephone engineer have many clients
Manchester worker bee
A symbol for the city

With many local business users and residential customers
Manchester telephone engineer are becoming increasingly popular in the local area
With clients all over the North West we aim to be the no1 choice around.
Prices are generally 50% lower than BT Openreach.
We aim to serve our customers as quickly as we can, with possible weekend call outs available.

Greater Manchester is governed by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA).
Which consists of the leaders of the ten metropolitan borough councils, plus a directly elected mayor.
Whom holds responsibility for economic development, regeneration and transport.
According to Oxford University Press:
Manchester derived its name from Mamucium, the Roman name for the 1st century-settlement and fort.
Mamucium itself is a Latinised form of the Celtic meaning “breast-shaped hill”.
The Latin name for Manchester is often given as Mancuniun.
At the time of the Domesday Book in 1086 a village called Mamecester existed. In time the name changed to Manchester.
There is a story that Reddish is called that because there was once a battle there and the blood left ‘reddish’ stains.
It is far more likely that Reddish is a corruption of Reed Ditch.


Manchester telephone engineer have many clients
Manchester united
Old Trafford
Manchester telephone engineer have many clients
A Manchester Favourite
Coronation Street
Manchester telephone engineer have many clients
The university of Manchester

Manchester’s Telephone Engineer – Ex BT engineers

Manchester remained a small market town until the late 18th century, the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.
The Spinning Jenny in 1764 marked the beginning of the Industrial Revolution bringing with it the first fully mechanised production process.
Although some sources define the start of the Industrial Revolution as July 1761, when the Duke of Bridgewater’s canal reached Castlefield.
The myriad small valleys in the Pennine Hills to the north and east of the town, combined with the damp climate,
proved ideal for the construction of water-powered cotton mills such as Quarry Bank Mill.