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Blackburn telephone engineer, always ready to provide a prompt, quality service
to business and residential customers alike.

Helping you when no other telecommunication company can.
BT cant help?  We can..! Ring for advice, if needed.

Unlike other independent ex BT employees
We are industry qualified telecommunication consultants.

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Blackburn Telephone Engineer Services

We provide the best support for your telecommunications.
Residential or commercial clients?  We have the solution.

  • Master telephone sockets moved, replaced
  • Phone wiring faults
  • Telephone wires renewed.
  • Wiring hidden – Our speciality
  • Sockets cut into walls “flush fitted”
  • Broadband diagnostics – Problems resolved
  • Telephone extensions installed & repaired
  • WiFi – Extra WiFi access points – Wireless surveys
  • Data points installed. Pc, laptop, gaming points
  • Full Home & Business telephone re-wires
  • Telephone system faults & programming
  • Noisy, crackly line – Faults Repaired

When it comes to any telephone works
Call Blackburn Telephone Engineer

Telephone line faults
Installing a new telephone network
Broadband testing
Diagnostic testing
Data cabling
Poor WiFi Reception
Blackburn Telephone Engineer can do a lot more


Blackburn telephone engineer resolve wifi issues



Your Go-to Blackburn Telephone Engineers

At Telephone Engineer Blackburn, we are equipped to deal with telephone line faults, broadband issues, damaged cables, poor internet connections, issues around master socket relocation,
“crackly” lines, or data network issues with Cat5e/6 cables.
Should you require any help installing any of the above, we are at your service.

Broadband connections can sometimes act up at the worst possible times, leaving you with a poor connection or none at all, something we cannot afford to be without in this data-driven age.
Your issue may be a faulty cat5 socket or an entire network that has not been properly installed for optimum performance.
Give one of our ex BT engineers a call and we will not only identify the issues on a rapid response basis
but also ensure that your connection is as good as new.
If the WiFi in your house is not connecting as it should, our Blackburn telephone engineers will share extensive knowledge with you so that you do not face any such issues in future.


Blackburn Telephone Engineer History in the making

 Blackburn telephone engineer have many clients Blackburn telephone engineer have many business clients



 Blackburn telephone engineer have many clients


With many local business users and residential customers
Blackburn telephone engineer are becoming increasingly popular in our local area
With clients all over the North West we aim to be the no1 choice around.
Prices are generally 50% lower than BT Openreach.
We aim to serve our customers as quickly as we can
When possible weekend call outs are available.

Centuries ago, Blackburn was a market town, renowned for its cattle fair on Blakey Moor.

By modern standards the old town was little more than a village, with its houses standing on Northgate, Astley Gate, Darwen Street and Church Street.

Where the last three met, stood the old market cross.

Its industrial history dates back to the middle 1600s when the first textile manufacture was introduced – the weaving of a check cloth composed of linen and cotton.

In that era its population grew from its village status to a town of a 100,000 inhabitants.

Over the centuries Blackburn has seen its industry change, its homes modernised and a variety of characters, such as Kathleen Ferrier, whose voice captivated the world, Chad Varah, who founded the Samaritans and battling MP Barbara Castle.

There was Mrs Lewis ,who spent more than 50 years fighting the evils of drink in a town – with a pub on every street corner
Which was said to be the “beeriest in the world”.